Our History

Over 125 Years of Banking for the Future

Much of how you bank is preparing for the future. From depositing money in your checking and savings accounts or opening a CD or IRA, you’re making sure you have enough money for future expenses. Ever since First National Bank – Fox Valley opened its doors as the First Bank of Menasha in 1887, our vision was fixed on what was happening next.

A Fox Valley Community Bank

What does FNB Fox Valley’s continued presence and growth in the Fox Valley for over 125 years mean to you? 
It means we’ve always been there for customers, from the Great Depression to this very moment. It means we’ve always been searching for the most advanced banking technology and services to provide a better banking experience. It means that as a community bank, FNB Fox Valley has rooted deep in surrounding communities and is just as committed to serving and bettering them now as when the bank first opened. 
While we may have a rich and detailed history, it has all been working toward being prepared for what’s to come. Get in touch with FNB Fox Valley or come visit any of our locations today and together we will grow for the future!