GO MONEY Debit Account

First National Bank - Fox Valley's GO MONEY debit account is an alternative way of banking for those who do not qualify for a traditional checking or savings account.  With no credit check, no activation fee, no risk of overdrafting, and a low monthly fee, this account is a great option for anyone who has had difficulty or disinterest in enrolling in a traditional deposit account.

Enjoy GO MONEY Benefits Like:

  • Instant Issue of Debit Card
  • Immediate Availability of Funds
  • Globally Accepted MasterCard
  • Less Costly than Billpay & Check Cashing services
  • Online Banking & Direct Deposit Capabilities
  • FDIC Insured Funds
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Low Monthly Fee of $9.95
  • No Paper Checks / No Risk of Overdrafting
  • Free Access to FNB Fox Valley & MoneyPass ATM 's
  • Ability to receive cash back at point of sale
  • Text Alerts & Mobile Account Access
    • Load Notifications
    • Transaction Activity
    • Balance Alerts
    • Low Balance Warnings

GO MONEY debit account is easy to get, easy to use & easy to manage, making it a great alternative banking option for teens, students, or anyone who is unable to obtain a traditional checking account.  It provides them the freedom to use it anywhere, the security of not carrying cash or checks, and the technology and budgeting tools of online and mobile banking, billpay and text alerts.

Find more details about the GO MONEY debit account here.

Learn more about our GO MONEY debit account by visiting any FNB Fox Valley branch, calling 920.729.6900 or emailing us today!