ReadyBuyer Program

Our ReadyBuyer Program is a market advantage pre-approval that shows real estate
agents and home sellers you are ready to move confidently forward in the purchase
process. The ReadyBuyer Program Advantage:
  • Demonstrate to real estate agents and home sellers you are a serious buyer 
  • Confidently enter the real estate market and know your price range
  • Have a competitive edge over other buyers who are not pre-approved
  • Address any financing problems early in the home buying process
  • Have awareness of estimated costs
  • Save time! Get into your new home sooner!


The Process:

At First National Bank - Fox Valley, we put priority on pre-approvals for home purchases. Our mortgage banking professionals take the time to understand your mortgage needs, analyze your situation, counsel you on your options and explain the action steps for the rest of the purchase process.
1. Understanding Your Needs:
Your application gives us a snapshot of where you are financially and helps us understand what your goals are. We interview you during this process to make sure we know both the details of your home buying plan as well as the resources you have available. We will ask for supporting documentation to move to the analytical step of the pre-approval process.
2. Analyze Your Situation:
In this step we being analyzing your information, such as evaluating your credit report, calculating your income, determining your available assets and calculating your debt to income and loan to value ratios.
We do this to uncover any issues that could potentially be a problem moving forward and address them early in the process. We have in-house underwriters that our mortgage bankers can consult with on any situation that presents itself. It is at this point we are able to determine your buying range and establish a list of programs that you may qualify for!
3. Counsel Your Options:
After our analysis is complete, we then counsel you on your options. Whether we help you work through certain issues or are able start discussing programs, we will always give you a plan to work towards and the resources you'll need to get there.
Our mortgage bankers may have several programs that you qualify for. They will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each one and help guide you to a product that suits your situation. We’ll also discuss price ranges, real estate taxes, homeowners insurance and private mortgage insurance. We will explain other costs and potential pitfalls like closing costs, escrow deposits, inspection issues and more.
After analyzing all of this information we are able to determine if you are eligible to become a ReadyBuyer with FNB Fox Valley!
4. Next Steps:
Once eligibility has been determined we can issue you a preapproval for our ReadyBuyer Program. This is your golden ticket to start house hunting! Our ReadyBuyer pre-approvals are good for 90 days.  These pre-approvals will give you the power of negotiation, as you can confidently pursue purchasing a home with a better understandingof your home financing situation!
Once you have an accepted offer we can start the official purchase process, which may go faster since much of the groundwork has already been done!

Get started now by applying online! You can get more information about our ReadyBuyer Program, or set up an appointment with a member of our experienced mortgage banking team by visiting any FNB Fox Valley office, calling 920.729.6900 or emailing us today!